Unarguable truths

1- consciousness

    Understanding our view of reality

“There is nothing I can do about what is wrong with you. What I can do however is address what is right in you.

You cannot fight darkness, you must turn on light.

You cannot fight disease, you must turn on life”

                                   Jean Belaval, D.C. in 1973


Unarguable truths:


There is a Universal Intelligence permeating the entire universe.

There is an Innate Intelligence permeating all living things.

Intelligence & matter alone do not constitute organic life.

A third element called Life Force is required to have organic life.

Organic Life is the union of Intelligence, matter and force.

The sole difference between Life and death is the presence or absence of Life Force.

The whole of the human living body is more than the sum of its parts.

The human body is designed to be healthy.

Health is not necessarily the absence of symptoms, infirmities or disability.

The human body is a self-healing organism.

The human body is a complex, open, biological system interconnected and interrelated with all other biological system.

Health is non-local and communistic.

Healing is cellular replacement or the creation of new cells to replace sick, diseased or damaged ones.

There is a distinction between physiological healing, fixing and curing.

There is a distinction between core healing and physiological healing.

Pathological processes take time & Healing processes take time.

The genetic make-up does not control body function.

The brain and nerve system do not control body function.

A corpse has all its physical parts including a genetic make-up, brain and nerve system yet it is not alive.

It is Life Force flowing through the nerve system that activates the genetic make-up and causes function.

Life Force is Life Energy is Light is Spirit.

The language of life is light encoded with Innate Intelligence.

Life Force is essential to life.

Interference to the flow of life force causes internal dis-ease.

Over time dis-ease becomes abnormal physiology which then turns into pathology.

Dis-ease, abnormal physiology and pathology may have no perceptible symptoms at first.

Symptoms are not a valuable gauge to determine our state of health.

Symptoms can be a valuable gauge to determine our state of disease or injury.

Fear and trust have distinct chemistry, smell, biology, physiology, immunology and outcome.

Our Educated mind cannot run, control or cause to function one single tissue cell of our body.

The Brain-neurospinal system is the most vital system of the body.


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International & National speaker on Life, Health, Healing and Well-being Chiropractor, Teacher, Mentor, Coach, Lecturer, Student of Life & School of Hard Knocks. T.V and Radio Guest
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