Splash… Intro and Summary



      My splash happens in an instant. I was twenty-three. It turned my life upside down for the extraordinary. Three sentences ignited my consciousness. Such is the power of words and ideas, the power of a splash. It transformed my life and sent me on an endless vacation that continues to this day.

      A new intention was born. I paid attention. I acted on its hint, blindly, against all odds and rational.

      I began to thrive; my life took off effortlessly. The adventure was on.

      Driven from within, I answered the demands for regular habits and rituals. It fed me. Nourished, I could give fully with boundless energy.

      Agreements were made, broken and made again, until they became ingrained. The desire within was stronger than the pulls from outside. With joy I chose the beneficial rather than the pleasurable. The smilingly small daily sacrifices paid enormous dividends later on. They bare fruits.

      I met flow, grace, providence, serendipity and synchronicity.

I found happiness, the joy of service and contribution. I was blessed with inner and outer wealth. I live in constant gratitude.

      Do I desire this for everyone? Yes!

Is it possible for most, if not for all?

Yes, I believe so…




      When we tap into the inner consciousness, what I call the liquid crystal oscillator of truth within, the illusion of the media-driven world falls away and a deeper, truer reality emerges.

The subtle, intangible and spiritual becomes the true reality.

      Our intentions change because they are now dictated by an inner drive. A heart felt, gut feeling guides us and leads us to follow what feels right. A silent partner within speaks to us in ‘no words’. We heed to its whispers.

      We recognize where we have been and where we must go. The path is clear. The journey is simple, yet not necessarily easy at first. Following the initial climb, we reach the high plateaus where the peaks are in sight.       We thrive from the exhilaration of amazing possibilities. The air is crisp and invigorating.

      The final climb is laden with repeated steps, moves and rituals. We are present savoring each moment.

      Reaching the top, we are in love with our self and the world.

It is time to take it all in and just be. Clarity and emptiness prevail. Finally, the mind, the intellect is silent.

      Our innate wisdom reveals the agreements to live by: the laws of life.

It is in the long and sometimes tedious descent from the intellect into the heart that flow comes to bare.

      Heaven on earth is here and now. We have returned home. The reconnection has taken place. We are now, once again, riding the river of life with ease and flow. Health, happiness and vitality are our daily companions.

That is the journey that started with a splash.



About arnoburnier

International & National speaker on Life, Health, Healing and Well-being Chiropractor, Teacher, Mentor, Coach, Lecturer, Student of Life & School of Hard Knocks. T.V and Radio Guest
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