Splah… Cellular mimicry

So what is the splash that sets us on a new evolving course?
For eons of times the sages, spiritual leaders and gurus have stated: Look within. The answer is within.
With humanity in a crisis and at a cross road, the answer to our predicament and next stage of evolution lies within.
Here is the splash for humanity: think, act, behave, cooperate, serve and be like a cell of our own body. Cellular mimicry is the splash. Copying cellular behavior is the answer to a potential vanishing of the human specie.
A liver cell knows who she is. She knows her duty and purpose. She produces more energy than it uses. She does not hoard. She cooperates with all other liver cells. She exists for the benefit of the whole and serves the entire organism. She surrenders to the dictates and commands given by the Innate Intelligence within. She lives for a higher purpose and knows her calling. She does not boaster about being a liver cell; she just do her duty. She seeks no approval or recognition. She is ego-less. She is God incarnated, as God equals man minus ego.
Human cells have biochemical factories with non toxic, biodegradable by-products. Cells have heating and cooling systems that are efficient; they do not release harmful fumes, chemicals or radiations. They exchange with their environment, taking first from it, then, giving back more than they took. They generate energy with high efficiency and no waste product. Cells are models of ecological proficiency. They are examples of high consciousness and spirituality. They are selfless.


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International & National speaker on Life, Health, Healing and Well-being Chiropractor, Teacher, Mentor, Coach, Lecturer, Student of Life & School of Hard Knocks. T.V and Radio Guest
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