Just a bleep on our view of reality

We have placed medical doctors on a pedestal as gods that are all-knowing and all-powerful. Certainly they have enjoyed this positioning and contributed to it. Yet it takes two to tango. Most of us have been willing participants.

How much does a medical doctor really knows? The half-life of medical information being five years, it raises questions.

Doctors study all the sciences of the human body yet, with all that knowledge, are completely incapable of knowing what one single cell of their own body would need at any given time. They have been living in their own body for years and they don’t know how to run their own physiology. How on earth can they possibly know what someone else cell would need? Wouldn’t that be a little egotistic and unrealistic?

Over the years, I have repeatedly ask professors with PhDs in physiology, biology, anatomy and pathology how much they felt we knew today about the human body and its workings; the answer has always been, not much, a drop of water in the ocean of the world or the beginning of the alphabet.

The human body is a micro-cosmos as vast and mysterious as the macro-cosmos. By any means, this does not suggest we should stop learning about it. Because in fact, the more we learn, the more we realize we don’t know. The more the circle of what we know grows, the greater the circumference of that circle is, which is our interface with the unknown.

Indeed the more we know the more we realize we don’t know. This brings us to a greater reverence for the unknown.

However there is within all living things including the human body ‘something’ that knows. There is an inner intellectuality that knows everything there is to know about life and the human body. This intelligence is inborn; we came with it. It made us out of one tiny cell invisible to the naked eye. This means that within that microscopic cell resides the knowledge of all the sciences of life, from embryology to obstetric not withstanding neurology, cardiology and all the other -ogies!

Could we be better off to look for the doctor within rather than the doctor outside? Doesn’t this resident intelligence within dwarf the educated mind of any doctor?

What if this act of volition, shifting our trust from an outside doctor to the doctor within, could make a huge difference? It is reported over and over that when medical doctor go on strike, as it happened in Tel Avis, Israel, Bogota Columbia and Cap Code Massachusetts, the mortality rate went down. When people have no other choices but to rely on themselves, in most situations, they seem to fare better.

Could the answer to our health, healing and vitality has been under our nose all the time? Isn’t the obvious the last thing we think, see or do?

Could a shift from ‘they’ have the answers to ‘we’ have the answers be appropriate?


About arnoburnier

International & National speaker on Life, Health, Healing and Well-being Chiropractor, Teacher, Mentor, Coach, Lecturer, Student of Life & School of Hard Knocks. T.V and Radio Guest
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