I have a dream… I dream of a new humanity… a humanity that expresses what I believe lives inherently inside all of us… health, happiness and vitality.

Have you ever heard of the expression; “I live in this world yet I am not of this world”?

That is the way I always felt, ever since I was a child.

The human behavior I witnessed all around me, and in the world, did not make me feel like I wanted to be associated with humans. Sure there were exceptions, yet the bulk of humanity… wow… it was not for me in many regards.

This did not mean I rejected humanity. To the contrary is gave me the impulse and the determination to contribute, in what ever way I could, to elevate human consciousness. And in the end, it all started with me; healing my self on many levels, from my past, to my biology and to my very core.

I had to first become a clearer, healed and vital human being. How could I possibly give and teach what I did not have yet acquired for myself? We cannot give what we do not have. That is a basic law of life.

So yes, I have a dream; actually I have had this dream for as long as I remember. This dream transformed into a Vision as I matured into an adult.

The vision to elevate human consciousness in matter of life, health, health and well-being. It is a broad vision with wide implications.

This vision has been my number one priority in life and in my practice since I was twenty-eight. It permeated all my relationships, friendships, public speaking, seminars, training camps and play shops, as my very top intention.

Today, it is still my sole vision. I envision a new humanity; a healthier, happier and more vital humanity.

With this book, I seek to enroll you in my vision.

With this book, I seek to assist all those that have a similar vision.

With this book, I desire to invite humanity to engage on a path of health, healing and vitality.


About arnoburnier

International & National speaker on Life, Health, Healing and Well-being Chiropractor, Teacher, Mentor, Coach, Lecturer, Student of Life & School of Hard Knocks. T.V and Radio Guest
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