On leadership… By Arno Burnier, D.C.

There are two separate entities competing for potential leadership within every human being: the ego and the soul.
The ego driven leadership works. It is self-promoted and self-engendered. It is laced with large energy outputs. It has the pattern of push and rest as one becomes tired or even exhausted from what the surges requires. It needs goal setting. Marketing and advertising oneself in a somewhat plastic fashion and sleek manner is common and usually necessary. Performance and showmanship is one of its trademarks. It is upfront and very visible from the get go. It seeks to motivate, sell and manipulate. It is binding, targets the intellect and plays on emotions. Frequently there is incongruence between what the leader presents on the platform and what is actually happening in private life. The old adage: “do not confuse the message with the messenger” applies. It attracts the unsuspecting masses. It has a large percentage of drops out and disgruntled followers with a small percentage of success. Large numbers of followers are needed to make any kind of in-ways. The river of life is being pushed or held back in order to have “control”. Yet deep inside the leader is afflicted by a constant feeling that control is actually elusive and can only be kept by a next push or goal attainment. This type of leadership is common place in our society and culture today.

Soul or spirit driven leadership works as well. It is quiet and subtle at first. It is organic by nature. It arises effortlessly. It is as if life itself is pulling the potential leader upward. It demands constant awareness and surrender to stay in the flow. It requires no marketing, nor advertising nor self-promotion. There is action in inaction and inaction in action. Control is being relinquished to something greater; a dimension of life that is actually in control. There is boundless energy available to the leader. What is happening is not coming from, but through the leader. The potent impact of the message generates a powerful nucleus of people, a constituency, which brings awareness to other as to what the leader has to offer. Frequently it is the constituency that will “promote” the leader. Such leadership has no followers. It empowers others to become their own leaders. It does not seek followers. The still immature in the crowd may idealize the leader temporarily as they fail to recognize the humanity of the leader. The trademark of such leadership is that the message and the messenger match. There is congruency on the platform as well as outside the platform in all areas of life. Authenticity, humility and humbleness are blatant. There is no performing or showmanship. Instead there is effortless flow of discourse. There is no attempt to convince anyone. Presence, actions and words stand on their own. Such leadership inspires, by breathing spirit in, because it arises from the soul. It bounds, is heartfelt and genuine. It stirs from the rear in a nearly invisible manner from the start. In time its impact may emerge on a large scale during or even after the life of the leader. This form of leadership is rare in our world today.

Both forms of leadership are effective and produce results. Both attract and resonate with different crowds.
Many leaders are trapped between the two modes of leadership fluctuating from being ego driven to soul driven. To the discerning observer or listener in attendance, the shift from one to the other is quite obvious.
As David Hawkins, M.D. author of Power vs. Force would probably put it, one is force driven, the other one power driven.


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