On Therapies…

On Therapy…

There are thousands of therapies within the allopathic medical arena. Thousands more exist within the alternative holistic field with new ones emerging constantly.  For centuries humanity has been seeking ways to treat ailments, sicknesses and diseases, devising countless new treatments, therapies, and approaches, disregarding old ones only to readopt them at a latter date.  The cycle of therapies emergence seems unending, as cyclical as designer fashion.  Therapies are hardly in shortage! On a nearly weekly basis new therapies are born. They are the new shining rising stars, promising cure for all kinds of ailments. In time, most become falling stars, in disrepute, soon to be forgotten by the public mind. Few withstand the test of time. Some are useful while others are worthless. At one point or another, few effective ones are a blessing to suffering humanity.

In the midst of this apparent unending cycle, the question we need to ask is: “Would one more therapy and one more treatment, no matter how natural, really makes a difference?”  Does humanity, does the world need another therapy? It is questionable and doubtful.

What humanity may need most is a brand new principle, an innovative, fresh and creative approach to life.  What the people of the earth need is a complete and total departure from the therapeutic, crisis care model of life.  The world needs a transformation of the collective mindset and behavior, away from reactive care and toward proactive wellbeing care.
Humanity needs a design for living. It needs a compass and a rudder to navigate the high seas of life. What the world needs is an avenue that changes human consciousness in relationship to life, health, healing, wellness and wellbeing. What is needed for the world is a proactive philosophy for living. The human race needs a way of life that promotes and supports health, healing and wellbeing.

Why keep focusing on the small percentage that aches us when we can address the vast well of life within. Why eliminate or silence a perceived negative when so much potential for more is laying dormant and available to us all. Doesn’t it make more sense to ‘water the garden’ regularly rather than ‘artificially tend to the plants’ once they start drooping, are ridden with parasites or have turned brown. Certainly we can inject ‘the plants of our body’ with medications and feed them over-the-counter drugs, spray them with topical chemicals, paint the leaves green or even replace the dead ones with plastic ones; when it is all done, the ‘garden of our body’ might look good, yet would it be healthy?

As far as I know Chiropractic is the only “health” profession that is rooted in a non-allopathic model. Its philosophy is about addressing what is right in human beings rather than what is wrong with people. It is about tapping in the unlimited potential for life and health within. It is about taking care of ourselves from conception to transition. Infants and babies are really the primary clientele of chiropractic and of any other disciplines that is proactive in supporting the body in health.

Practically, what this means is that the adjustment is not a treatment for any specific condition. The intention and purpose is to keep the flow of information-laden life force flowing between brain and body without interferences caused by spinal subluxations. This simple service can be rendered to anyone and everyone regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms. It is a positive for human function and physiology. One needs not to be sick to receive chiropractic care. Doing something positive for ourselves, on a regular basis, is the key here. Granted, this might be a new behavior for most humans, a behavior that, once adopted, has great rewards. We enjoy a more alive and vibrant life. We have a greater capacity to function, adapt and heal. We express life with more creativity, joy and fun.

Wellbeing care means taking care of ourselves whether sick or well, symptomatic or asymptomatic and whether we feel terrific or miserable. Wellbeing care allows us to accumulate positive survival values by putting assets in our health ‘bank account’.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you went to an M.D. and while entering the examination room stated: “Doc, I feel vibrant and terrific, I feel alive, joyful and energetic; is there anything you can do to keep me that way?”   The likely response loaded with a skeptical look is likely to be: “Yes, I am going to schedule an appointment for you in the psychiatric ward.”                       
The reality is that one must have an ailment, a sickness or a disease to seek medical services.
We may argue that there are few exceptions to this, like preventative medical check-ups, for example. That a person can indeed enter the medical model without any symptoms and receive a service.
Yet under scrutiny, preventative medical exams are aimed at early detection of sickness, disease or pathology in the hope of achieving a better prognosis. They are not intended to facilitate wellbeing. Their sole intention is early detection to prevent disease. There is nothing, not a thing, done during a preventative check-up that facilitate, boost or address life, health and wellbeing. It is a matter of fact that some of the technologies used are actually harmful to one’s health, such as X-rays, MRI, CAT scan and radioactive pharmaceuticals.

Another frequently overlooked fact is that the new medical technology has become so invasive, pervasive and intrusive that it can detect “normal” pathologies. What this means is that, at any given moment, one may develop an early pathology that the body’s healing and immune system will handle perfectly well on its own. We know today that at any given time, most of us have cancer cells in our body. There is really not a thing to worry about. The immune cells will absorb those cancer cells and return things to normal. The job of the immune system is to keep things in check.

The challenge with early detection is that now we have sounded the alarm. Consequently biopsy, intervention and treatment will immediately follow. Now we probe and poke at the little bundle of cancer cells that were solidly guarded by immune cells. The biopsy sends thousands of them off on a journey through the bloodstream that may lead to metastasis. Then, X-rays radiation and or chemotherapy follow which only weaken the immune system. All of this is well intentioned yet not necessarily needed. Frequently the news of a potential cancer diagnosis is enough to send the person’s immune system in a downward spiral because of the emotional and mental impact of the news. Again, fear and apprehension have their own chemistry and biology. In addition, preventative medical check-ups are not very reliable. Many a times someone is given a clean bill of health only to drop dead of a heart attack few days later.

New therapies are not really what will turn the tide around, from fighting disease to promoting health. The same way that the United States had a ‘keep America clean’ campaign, we need a ‘keep America healthy’ campaign. The challenge is that there is little to no financial incentive to do so. Disease care is now one of the biggest and most profitable businesses in the U.S., even if it is responsible for nearly 50% of personal bankruptcies. The American economy depends on it. This means our economy depends on people being sick. That is a sad state of affair. Actually that is a sick state of affair to be correct.

So how can thing change? It can change through a grass root movement. It starts with each individual who recognizes the wisdom, the personal and social responsibility, as well as the financial savings, of thriving in health. My friend Jason Deitch, D.C. co-author of the book Discover Wellness, How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich, makes a strong case as to the financial benefits of wellness.

More therapies are not the answer. Pro-active life style is. Personal care that is potentiality driven, certainly is a better health assurance than health insurance, which only covers injuries, sickness and disease care.

In my experience the level of vitality, vibrancy and health expressed by people who started taking care of themselves early in life is proof of the value of wellbeing care. Regular Chiropractic care, massage, bodywork, acupuncture, exercise, meditation and nutrition, along with a positive life oriented philosophy and a trusting attitude in the wisdom of our own body makes for a potent wellbeing recipe.

As we begin to recognize the interdependence of all life on earth, we begin to see clearly that we are cells in the body of humanity. Our task and responsibility is to retain our own individuality while contributing to the whole. A healthy body starts with healthy individual cells that are dedicated to serving humanity. This takes place more readily when the channel of communication between spirit and body is open and clear. Every human being who takes a stand to live a healthy life contributes to raising the overall health level of humanity. Such a path is a lot more than just a dedication to physical wellbeing, it automatically has an impact on all the other aspects of our being: mental, emotional, spiritual and social. To choose to live with vibrant vitality requires a moment-by-moment focus and vigilance. It requires awareness of one thoughts, emotions, actions and choices. In the final analysis, at the deepest level it is a social and spiritual responsibility.
For every earth citizen engaged in living life from the inside out, in connection with their Innate Intelligence, with a healthy lifestyle, thousands of dollars are redirected yearly, towards an emerging positive paradigm and wellbeing economy. Such decision and action supports an evolution toward the full expression of humanity’s potential.


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