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      I have a dream… I dream of a new humanity… a humanity that expresses what I believe lives inherently inside all of us… health, happiness and vitality.

Have you ever heard of the expression; “I live in this world yet I am not of this world”?

That is the way I always felt, ever since I was a child.

The human behavior I witnessed all around me, and in the world, did not make me feel like I wanted to be associated with humans. Sure there were exceptions, yet the bulk of humanity… wow… it was not for me in many regards.

This did not mean I rejected humanity. To the contrary is gave me the impulse and the determination to contribute, in what ever way I could, to elevate human consciousness. And in the end, it all started with me; healing my self on many levels, from my past, to my biology and to my very core.

I had to first become a clearer, healed and vital human being. How could I possibly give and teach what I did not have yet acquired for myself? We cannot give what we do not have. That is a basic law of life.

So yes, I have a dream; actually I have had this dream for as long as I remember. This dream transformed into a Vision as I matured into an adult.

The vision to elevate human consciousness in matter of life, health, health and well-being. It is a broad vision with wide implications.

This vision has been my number one priority in life and in my practice since I was twenty-eight. It permeated all my relationships, friendships, public speaking, seminars, training camps and play shops, as my very top intention.

Today, it is still my sole vision. I envision a new humanity; a healthier, happier and more vital humanity.

With this book, I seek to enroll you in my vision.

With this book, I seek to assist all those that have a similar vision.

With this book, I desire to invite humanity to engage on a path of health, healing and vitality.

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Just a bleep on our view of reality

We have placed medical doctors on a pedestal as gods that are all-knowing and all-powerful. Certainly they have enjoyed this positioning and contributed to it. Yet it takes two to tango. Most of us have been willing participants.

How much does a medical doctor really knows? The half-life of medical information being five years, it raises questions.

Doctors study all the sciences of the human body yet, with all that knowledge, are completely incapable of knowing what one single cell of their own body would need at any given time. They have been living in their own body for years and they don’t know how to run their own physiology. How on earth can they possibly know what someone else cell would need? Wouldn’t that be a little egotistic and unrealistic?

Over the years, I have repeatedly ask professors with PhDs in physiology, biology, anatomy and pathology how much they felt we knew today about the human body and its workings; the answer has always been, not much, a drop of water in the ocean of the world or the beginning of the alphabet.

The human body is a micro-cosmos as vast and mysterious as the macro-cosmos. By any means, this does not suggest we should stop learning about it. Because in fact, the more we learn, the more we realize we don’t know. The more the circle of what we know grows, the greater the circumference of that circle is, which is our interface with the unknown.

Indeed the more we know the more we realize we don’t know. This brings us to a greater reverence for the unknown.

However there is within all living things including the human body ‘something’ that knows. There is an inner intellectuality that knows everything there is to know about life and the human body. This intelligence is inborn; we came with it. It made us out of one tiny cell invisible to the naked eye. This means that within that microscopic cell resides the knowledge of all the sciences of life, from embryology to obstetric not withstanding neurology, cardiology and all the other -ogies!

Could we be better off to look for the doctor within rather than the doctor outside? Doesn’t this resident intelligence within dwarf the educated mind of any doctor?

What if this act of volition, shifting our trust from an outside doctor to the doctor within, could make a huge difference? It is reported over and over that when medical doctor go on strike, as it happened in Tel Avis, Israel, Bogota Columbia and Cap Code Massachusetts, the mortality rate went down. When people have no other choices but to rely on themselves, in most situations, they seem to fare better.

Could the answer to our health, healing and vitality has been under our nose all the time? Isn’t the obvious the last thing we think, see or do?

Could a shift from ‘they’ have the answers to ‘we’ have the answers be appropriate?

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Splah… Cellular mimicry

So what is the splash that sets us on a new evolving course?
For eons of times the sages, spiritual leaders and gurus have stated: Look within. The answer is within.
With humanity in a crisis and at a cross road, the answer to our predicament and next stage of evolution lies within.
Here is the splash for humanity: think, act, behave, cooperate, serve and be like a cell of our own body. Cellular mimicry is the splash. Copying cellular behavior is the answer to a potential vanishing of the human specie.
A liver cell knows who she is. She knows her duty and purpose. She produces more energy than it uses. She does not hoard. She cooperates with all other liver cells. She exists for the benefit of the whole and serves the entire organism. She surrenders to the dictates and commands given by the Innate Intelligence within. She lives for a higher purpose and knows her calling. She does not boaster about being a liver cell; she just do her duty. She seeks no approval or recognition. She is ego-less. She is God incarnated, as God equals man minus ego.
Human cells have biochemical factories with non toxic, biodegradable by-products. Cells have heating and cooling systems that are efficient; they do not release harmful fumes, chemicals or radiations. They exchange with their environment, taking first from it, then, giving back more than they took. They generate energy with high efficiency and no waste product. Cells are models of ecological proficiency. They are examples of high consciousness and spirituality. They are selfless.

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Splash… Intro and Summary



      My splash happens in an instant. I was twenty-three. It turned my life upside down for the extraordinary. Three sentences ignited my consciousness. Such is the power of words and ideas, the power of a splash. It transformed my life and sent me on an endless vacation that continues to this day.

      A new intention was born. I paid attention. I acted on its hint, blindly, against all odds and rational.

      I began to thrive; my life took off effortlessly. The adventure was on.

      Driven from within, I answered the demands for regular habits and rituals. It fed me. Nourished, I could give fully with boundless energy.

      Agreements were made, broken and made again, until they became ingrained. The desire within was stronger than the pulls from outside. With joy I chose the beneficial rather than the pleasurable. The smilingly small daily sacrifices paid enormous dividends later on. They bare fruits.

      I met flow, grace, providence, serendipity and synchronicity.

I found happiness, the joy of service and contribution. I was blessed with inner and outer wealth. I live in constant gratitude.

      Do I desire this for everyone? Yes!

Is it possible for most, if not for all?

Yes, I believe so…




      When we tap into the inner consciousness, what I call the liquid crystal oscillator of truth within, the illusion of the media-driven world falls away and a deeper, truer reality emerges.

The subtle, intangible and spiritual becomes the true reality.

      Our intentions change because they are now dictated by an inner drive. A heart felt, gut feeling guides us and leads us to follow what feels right. A silent partner within speaks to us in ‘no words’. We heed to its whispers.

      We recognize where we have been and where we must go. The path is clear. The journey is simple, yet not necessarily easy at first. Following the initial climb, we reach the high plateaus where the peaks are in sight.       We thrive from the exhilaration of amazing possibilities. The air is crisp and invigorating.

      The final climb is laden with repeated steps, moves and rituals. We are present savoring each moment.

      Reaching the top, we are in love with our self and the world.

It is time to take it all in and just be. Clarity and emptiness prevail. Finally, the mind, the intellect is silent.

      Our innate wisdom reveals the agreements to live by: the laws of life.

It is in the long and sometimes tedious descent from the intellect into the heart that flow comes to bare.

      Heaven on earth is here and now. We have returned home. The reconnection has taken place. We are now, once again, riding the river of life with ease and flow. Health, happiness and vitality are our daily companions.

That is the journey that started with a splash.


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Unarguable truths

1- consciousness

    Understanding our view of reality

“There is nothing I can do about what is wrong with you. What I can do however is address what is right in you.

You cannot fight darkness, you must turn on light.

You cannot fight disease, you must turn on life”

                                   Jean Belaval, D.C. in 1973


Unarguable truths:


There is a Universal Intelligence permeating the entire universe.

There is an Innate Intelligence permeating all living things.

Intelligence & matter alone do not constitute organic life.

A third element called Life Force is required to have organic life.

Organic Life is the union of Intelligence, matter and force.

The sole difference between Life and death is the presence or absence of Life Force.

The whole of the human living body is more than the sum of its parts.

The human body is designed to be healthy.

Health is not necessarily the absence of symptoms, infirmities or disability.

The human body is a self-healing organism.

The human body is a complex, open, biological system interconnected and interrelated with all other biological system.

Health is non-local and communistic.

Healing is cellular replacement or the creation of new cells to replace sick, diseased or damaged ones.

There is a distinction between physiological healing, fixing and curing.

There is a distinction between core healing and physiological healing.

Pathological processes take time & Healing processes take time.

The genetic make-up does not control body function.

The brain and nerve system do not control body function.

A corpse has all its physical parts including a genetic make-up, brain and nerve system yet it is not alive.

It is Life Force flowing through the nerve system that activates the genetic make-up and causes function.

Life Force is Life Energy is Light is Spirit.

The language of life is light encoded with Innate Intelligence.

Life Force is essential to life.

Interference to the flow of life force causes internal dis-ease.

Over time dis-ease becomes abnormal physiology which then turns into pathology.

Dis-ease, abnormal physiology and pathology may have no perceptible symptoms at first.

Symptoms are not a valuable gauge to determine our state of health.

Symptoms can be a valuable gauge to determine our state of disease or injury.

Fear and trust have distinct chemistry, smell, biology, physiology, immunology and outcome.

Our Educated mind cannot run, control or cause to function one single tissue cell of our body.

The Brain-neurospinal system is the most vital system of the body.

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Do you like this book title?

Splash… 6 Steps to Health, Happiness and Vitality

Your thoughts?

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